One music file not playing?

I am working on a Violin Flashcard game. When the “flashcard” is put in the right place a sound file of the note plays. F#3 will not play. I have:

  1. Copied in a condition that does play it’s note properly
    • checked that it works
    • then substituted the recording that I want
  2. Tried different file types
    • wav, mp3
  3. Wiped the file from my computer
    • rebooted
    • made a new file

Yes, the files is longer than 2 seconds (4.5 seconds)


Could it be that you’re using a special symbol like # and it’s messing with the path of the file?
Don’t know. Can you show some related events or any material that could help us help you? :slight_smile:

Why yes (frantically changing names of files) that would be exactly the problem!

Thank you!

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