One way collision for platform

i am making a game in that the Player( Physics body) must pass through the platform and he can only collide with it in One way.

I tried to add jump Through platform behaviour to the platform.But it is not Working ,my player is passing through the platform on both ways.

I need your help to solve this issue.

Thank you

Hi, i have create little project to help you ! if you have question , ask me again :wink:

The example project:!Qs4FAYgb!vVAnxDOf_uGsiOV4J169POeTS4Djt9RtmgZR_4Z2K0I


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Thank you for the Reply.

Actually i did the same.But In my game the player must have the physics2.0 behavior because i want my player to jump in all directions from 0 to 360 degrees based on the rotation angle of arrow object.When i add that physics behavior to the player and platform jump through to my platform ,my player simply passing through the platform in all directions.It is not colliding with it and it is not stopping at all.
I hope you understand my issue .
Thank you

yes i understand better now ! i am noob to gdevelop and programming generally so i don’t understand why for the moment… i will think about it and tell you if i find a solution :wink:

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