Online events - trigger on all devices

Is there a way to make all events trigger on all devices all the time without the need to make “receive event data” for each and every single move separately? I made selectable characters that spawn based on global variable and the “ASDW” movement is a function that is called based on this variable. So if “player” variable is=1 ASDW movement function is allowed for green character - then under this function i have “Trigger event on all connected devices” but it does nothing. What I understand is that the engine will not call the function because the global variable on the other device is not “1”. Any way around this please?

Its a bit complex game where players create objects and animated skills that move around etc. If I would have to make "received event “” and recreate each and every step of each and every movement of each and every object and animation… ehh, please no

Well I was playing around with it some more and its not about the variables it just doesnt work I mean it would be too good to be true :slight_smile: In case anyone is wondering at the current stage of the development it is just not possible to make a viable real time online multiplayer games in gdevelop. At least not without advanced knowledge of javascript in which case why would you use it in the first place lol.

Reading this thread back again it seems like a rant lol its absolutely not I love gdevelop its a great piece of work the UI is best available not even construct comes any close. It just was not meant for things like these.

The fact that you don’t (usually) need to know javascript to use GDevelop doesn’t mean that game-making in GDevelop is fast or easy. It’s a lot of work to learn how to use its features properly, and a lot more work to make your games.
Nobody will blame you for not being willing to do that work, but don’t discourage people from making their own games, and don’t decide for everyone what GDevelop is meant for.