Online Leaderboard?

:information_source: EDIT by @4ian in 2022: you can now add Leaderboards to your game using built-in leaderboards provided by GDevelop and Read more here: Leaderboards [GDevelop wiki]

How is it possible for me to create an Online Leaderboard that would take the scores from people all around the players and put them into one data?
There’s a “Send a request to the webpage” inside Network but I’m not sure what does it serve for. I think someone used Mysql in a way to do that but that was way too sophisticated for me to reddit reverse phone lookup

Hi, it’s possible! There is a tutorial in the wiki for the old version of Gdevelop but the logic is the same.

I made an extension for the gamejolt api. I happen to have finished the part for scoreboard a few days ago. Search Informartik on Gamejolt, it is my account and I posted it in my game “GDevelop extension repository”.