Only disable a behavior for 1 instance [SOLVD] (FOR THE MOST PART)

Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help me make it so i can disable a behavior and reactivate it but only for 1 instance. i have two players but i only want one of them to be able to use jump thru platforms ived tried making it so it only activates it for 1 player that is in collision with the platform, but it makes every platform jump thru

I saw that i could use instance ID but do not know how to.

  1. create an “id” variable in the player object
  2. sets “1” and “2” for the instances in the properties panel
  3. use “value of an object variable” as condition to select the respective instance

Now there is the problem player 1 is also blocked at the first jump. Because activate jump thru and jump thru cannot happen at the same time.
Adding a second object 1px below the platform for the collision condition can solve the problem.

i also tried usong pick the nearest, and is less than 8 pixels away instead of collission

but id player 2 is jumping somewhere else in the scene wont they also be able to jump thru if i do it this way because it changes the state of all the platforms? this is kind of how i have it now

I’d be tempted to have 2 layers, with identical platform layouts, but in different areas of the scene so they don’t overlap on each other.

Put each layer’s camera such that their platforms site directly over or under each other on the screen. One set of platforms has the platform behaviour, the other has pass-thru platform behaviour.

i think that might be a bit extravagant especially because the two players interact with each other. i also have a lot of layouts. that might work though. I would hope there is a simpler way to do it. the only issue is that it applies the behavior to every instance.

Another option is to put an extra hidden object the size of each platform, and separate the player 2 and this object when there is a collision. Also uncheck the can got down through pass-thru platforms.

Either way, you have a bit of work ahead to achieve this.

ok so i got a solution kinda. i make it so if player two is in collision with the platform it changes it to Platform and it triggers once. if player 1 (who can jump thru) is in collision it changes it to jump thru but there is no trigger once. it works for the most part but player two bounces a little if player 1 is also jumping thru it isn’t a big deal. this is how i solved it. kinda jank but operational.

I appreciate all of your input and creative ideas! thank you so much!

or just use separate player 2 and the platform. bonehead move