Only key button pressed, released, held -- REQUEST PRECISE CONTROL

As title,
can someone make or add a built in condition to GD for only declared key (or keys) pressed or released, pls.

Sometimes those conditions are really needed, since for example you don’t want any other keys/buttons pressed simultaneously, or unwanted combinations.
eg: i want an hadoken with only A button pressed, but if you press all buttons A included the hadoken is triggered anyway…and damn…i don’t want it to happen…this is basic,
so in GD i’ve to make Aaaaalll buttons with not keypressed conditions.
So instead to exclude manually other keys it would be great to have such conditions.
It would be great to have them in gamepad extension too. (i know that it can be done by GVAR)
I don’t think is an hard or difficult task…to implement…and it will simplify a lot the code in any game…mostly action/fighting ones

P.s: i forget tha should implement combo too;
eg: Only right and left ecc…
conditions should be called “Only key/s pressed” or something like that

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