Only one frame of animation working

When I made an animation for my sprite it only shows the first half of the animation.

Any help would be requested.

Events trigger every frame the conditions are true. You are restarting the animation every frame the key is held.

Add trigger once to the condition

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I have tried your method but it didn’t work.My model only played a flicker of the frame.

Here is the rest of the code if it’s helps

A few conflicts I"m seeing:

  1. You have a pause action in your first event. That will stop most, if not all, animations permanently. What’s your goal with the pause action?
  2. The Space Key can be pressed at any time. Therefore if you’re pressing space while moving, it will conflict. If you’re pressing space while not moving, it will conflict. Same for falling. Consider either adding “Space key is moving (inverted)” to each of your other events, or adding all of the other conditions to your space key event, with them all inverted.
  3. As mentioned above, every event is triggered every frame. I’d strongly recommend you add “Trigger Once” to the conditions of all of your animation events.