Opacity Manipulation would interrupt the animation.

Sample of it. Enemy Boss got hit by player projectile during frame 6 of animation 1 “transform”. Then I apply my “hurt” mechanic which will make Boss flicker its opacity for 0.5 secs. Then goes back to normal opacity of 255. But then the Boss animation got interrupted somehow? and went back to frame 0 of animation 1 “transform” and plays the animation again. Any ideas why? :confused:

Animation should be not effected by opacity itself.
Can you show a screenshot of the events used to change opacity and the animation of the character?

Here’s a view of how it change the opacity to make it look it got hit.

And here is the animation in a gif.

I’m not entirely sure what counts as a reset for the trigger once condition, but resetting a timer may do that. From the look of it, event 8 will reset the timer and therefore event 2 will fire again next cycle through the events. You could try switching around the pause and reset in event 8 as the reset may cancel the pause.

Making events 2-8 into sub-events of event 1 may also work.

Thanks. I will try that.

try using more Variables. I don’t think your events make any sense. It’s complicated for no reason. I am not sure what those exclamation marks are for? but stating in the first event that variable Anxietystate is 1 and 14 at the same time. That is not even possible.

Maybe the problem is in another place, check the events that switch the boss animations. If you switch the boss animation to any other (e.g. “hit”), and immediately set the animation back to “transform”, the animation will be reset :neutral_face:

The “!=” comparison sign means “different than”, the state must be different than 1 and different than 14 :wink: