Open MP3 file in-game

I’m making a rhythm game and it’d be cool to drag and drop (or open from File Explorer) an mp3 file in the game.
Also, how can I get the length of a music file?

To get the length of a music, you can start a timer with the music and check the value of the timer when the music is finished.
But AFAIK, you cannot make a rhythm game from any music, you have to sync the game and the music manually.

So there is no way for the player to build a map in an editor with a custom song?

I didn’t know that you want to make a level editor.
No idea if it’s possible. Good luck :sweat_smile:

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Theoretically possible, yes. However note that there isn’t any out of the box ways to show a file manager (for anything) nor add a sound asset to an exported game.

There are a few ways I can think of that images could be loaded, but not sounds, unfortunately.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, but you might hace to build your own methods through JavaScript.

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