Open URL

Good Morning

I haven’t put this in the Bugs section because I’m sure it’s my lack of understanding.

I am trying to use the action Open URL (or file) to open a page showing high scores. I cannot make it open a page, or even a local file with the full path. I’ve tried putting it on a mouse click, and even at scene load.

Am I missing something?


Does anybody have any idea or is this function depreciated?

There is an example in the program of opening a URL but it does not work.

(What I’m actually trying to do is display a hi scores php page, can I display these on the scene directly?)


Hi Meerecat!
I’m having the same problem: the Open URL action doesn’t work, and even throws an error on the browser’s console.
Have you found a way to solve your problem?
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I’ve run into the same problem - it was the browser’s pop-up blocker. It seems that the Open URL action does not pass the test pop-up blockers use. Adding a Javascript action with doesn’t work either. I haven’t found a way around it, so I’m punting and trying a different tactic.