Optimization Issues

If I have a bunch of different objects on screen (roughly 200), and each have the physics behavior, would that cause an issue? In the debugger, my objects (pre-events) and render are the highest processes. I have narrowed down all of the problems to one root cause, and thats the objects on screen. How can I fix this lag?

I’ve tried to like hide the objects off screen, and even disable to physics behavior of objects of screen, and I’m still getting reports of performance issues. Could spritesheets the problem? (I use spritesheets by offsetting a tiled object)

If you could download my project to see how the debugger looks on your side, please do! (In-game: Press play, and then pick a random one of the four levels and play it.)

The project: geomangle.zip - Google Drive

Any help would be super-duper appreciated!

Maybe you wonder why no one replied so far. Obviously there is no general answer and it really depends on the individual project. You have linked to a zip-file but most people won’t download and open that - including me.
You have mentioned that the rendering process takes most of the time. Here is a post that clarifies some of the questions around that topic: About scene rendering