Optimize the screen resolution

Hi everyone. I just finished developing a game that I would like to initially publish for mobile for Android but I have a problem. The resolution has a problem. That is, it does not adapt to the size of the device that is running the game but only from the resolutions that I set from “Game settings → Properties → Resolution and rendering” How can I make sure that the resolution is automatically set according to the device? Thanks!

In the same menu, you can choose to adapt width or height to the screen. Try these settings.
If this does not work as you want it, you will need to resize manually and perhaps adjust the position of some of your objects.

Thank you I have already tried, but he doesn’t work!

Please give me a solution

what i do (APK Game), is give the user a settings option.
This way the game is always positioned as i want, on old phones (3:2), newer phones (16/9) and tablet (4:3)
On some UI elements, i even change position of Objects, when (4:3) setting is used, to have it visually more appealing.

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But from the Game settings ⇾ Preporietes can i fix the resolution?