Optimizing Dialogue Trees

Hello, I’m making a top-down RPG style game where text will be used A LOT and will branch off in many directions. The 1st event is external which will be used for all text boxes and the 2nd is for an NPC encounter:

Whenever text is changed, the player loses movement and the GUI is displayed (text and box). Pressing Z when touching an NPC talks to them and you must wait .4 seconds until you can proceed to the next box.

This method of text advancement works exactly the way I want it to as-is. My problem is that it requires the same events copy and pasted over and over again; it looks a little crowded and unprofessional and I was wondering if there’s a way to optimize this to make it easier to read and duplicate.

Hmmm…generally I wouldn’t recommend custom text handling, but that’s only because I ran into similar issues to you.

You should probably look into the Dialogue extension and use that instead, since that’ll be much cleaner. The Dialogue Tree extension [GDevelop wiki]

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