Option to choose default grid options for all scenes and external layouts


Context: now in my game I have over 80 external layouts and it’s just for the first level. By the end of the game I will probably have more than 500 external layouts.

Request: It would be interesting if there was an option in Preferences to Edit Default Grid Options (for all scenes and external layouts). Example:

This way, through the Setup grid we could enabling a checking box for edit the grid for the specific Scene/External Layout. Example:


Perhaps in the future, if there are folders to organize external layouts, it would be interesting to have options in these folders to change the grid. So, it would be possible to change entire groups that are similar instead of just the option of changing all external layouts at once or one by one. But for now I believe my suggestion is quite useful.


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Imagine in this window

Toggle button
Edit and use this scene/layout preferences
Edit and use global grid preferences

And so you can edit in any scene global preferences
And in all scenes you can adjust global values for grid
While you can switch to editing and using this scene or layout values

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So the person wouldn’t necessarily need to open the Preferences, but could edit the global values through any scene within that box? Yeah, It makes sense… I think it would be more practical and intuitive, because if the person doesn’t know that it’s possible to change global settings in Preferences, probably will find out through the most obvious route, which is the Setup Grid of each scene.

That is one benefit
Other would be to either pick global preferences in that window or per scene/layout preferences
Where you could adjust both
As simple as that

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