Option to MASS uncheck Smooth the Image

Smooth the Image is the plague on 16-bit pixelated game, making all assets look blurry and ugly.

And the only way to disable this is to uncheck one by one for every single assets through Resource Management. Isnt this too much work?

I saw posts asking for this change since 2018 and we still havent gotten it? How come?

open your JSON file with any text editor that has find&replace

“smoothed”: true

and replace it with:

“smoothed”: false

Make a backup copy of your json first, in case you make a mistake somehow.

but i agree, there needs to be a function inside GD for check/uncheck all.


Yeah, thanks. I already learned this.

Im just very confused that this isnt built in after all these years.
This function is pretty much a given because gosh, these smoothened pixel sprites are UGLY and it would be nice not having to do this every time I add a new pixelated asset.

I mean how hard could it be to add an option to uncheck Smooth the Image from the start?

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To be clear, there is a function to have them disabled by the start.

When you choose the nearest scaling mode in your game properties, all new assets automatically have this unchecked. When you switch from linear to nearest scaling, it even displays a message when you switch modes telling you it will disable this by default for all new assets.

Since you should be setting up your game properties as the first action when making a game (since it is where you set up game name and resolution) it should already be at the start of most game setup workflows.

So that’s what it was. Thanks.

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Not sure what you’re mentioning here.

Nearest scaling impacts when you resize your window, and selecting it (instead of Linear), will also modify the setting of every new resource you add. Existing resources will keep the option checked, so you’ll still have to uncheck them.

The options are related but different.

Smoothing the Image is specifically for sprites, it is unrelated to the scaling mode. It’s basically an antialiasing applied to your image files.

Scaling modes apply to the entire game, and impact things such as text objects. Changing the scaling mode to nearest has the game engine realize you’re unlikely to also apply anti-aliasing to further sprite objects, but it doesn’t have a way to loop through your existing ones.

Again, as mentioned above, setting your scaling mode should be one of the first things done in a project, just like selecting a name and game resolution, so the scenario of “I’ve changed my scaling mode and now need to go uncheck the smoothing on all of my image files” shouldn’t occur frequently.

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