Option to set transparency of sprite objects.

In my opinion, can be useful if we could set the transparency of sprite objects in object properties, this way if we want an object (image) to be more transparent some places, we don’t have to use multiple version of the same image, we can use a single image and set transparency in GD.

For example, in my little space game I want to use nebulas, star fields and space dust but I want some of them to be more visible and some of them to be less visible some places just to make it varied. To do this, at the moment I have to use multiple version of the same images with different transparency which makes the size of the game bigger, and also not very convenient to edit all the images multiple times. If I could set transparency inside GD, I could use one single image and make the game size lower this way and also would be more convenient.
Of course we can set opacity using events but it also not that convenient as all the nebulas, space dust…etc are part of the same object as animation and I simply set the animation number in properties to choose which nebula I want to use, or which space dust I want to use inside the scene. To change opacity using event I should also check actual animation of object and also position as I don’t want to use the same opacity for every single one. I want it to be varied.

All I ask is an option in sprite object properties to set transparency/opacity of object inside the scene using values such as 0-10 or 0-100 or something, a slider maybe, similar to size, rotation, Z order, animation.

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I see how it would be useful, however I know the way to bypass it using object variables and some clever eventing.

Here is an example: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/210143/transp.rar

Actually, this is pretty smart and simple solution :laughing:
Thanks Darkhog.

But to convince 4ian about the feature I’m requesting is still useful; by using events, to see the results I have to run preview, and depends on where is the object in the scene I also have to “go there” in the preview to see it.
Would be a lot more convenient (faster) if I could see the result instantly in the scene editor so I can play around with it quickly to see how it looks better. Maybe I make something a bit more transparent and I just realise that it looks not that good maybe need to be a bit more transparent or a bit less or need to move it a bit to the left to cover that star and see the star through that space dust or something,
To run preview every single time to see if it something I want is a bit slow and not that convenient :wink:

As 4ian rewriting the whole IDE from scratch, I thought it would be the best time to bump this up again.
From an artistic point of view to be able to see right in the editor what the final result looks like, this feature could be useful even 3 years after I made the request originally.