Option to sort through paid and free assets on the asset shop

Personally, I’m not interested in buying packs from the asset shop. I’m sure there are plenty of other users who share this sentiment so I want to suggest an option to sort through paid and free assets on the asset shop.

For me, when I want to find some quick assets for a game, the asset store is perfect, but I always find myself accidentally clicking paid options due to their fairly unnoticeable price tag. Because of this, I believe it would be an improvement if there was an option to hide all the paid assets – for people like me who aren’t interested in buying assets – it would make the experience much more streamlined.


I agree. I would like the price tag to be colored, with a toggle to hide/show paid assets.

I don’t know if many people work like that, but most often, when I add a new object, I want some basic placeholder sprite to work on new game logic/mechanics, I don’t want to waste time on searching for the perfect sprite at this point.

Exactly, I think a coloured tag would be a good idea as well, because as of now, the tag just blends into the background.

Thank you for your insight.
Indeed, we’ve identified this way to work: placeholder assets to figure out the mechanics of the game (at this stage, as you said, the art is not very important), to later replace them with the final art (if the creator wants to do so).

Would you mind walking me through your asset searching method?
Do you search by clicking on a pack (with the price tags), or with a keyword?
I ask, because with the keyword search I only get free individual assets.

At first, I would browse the list of packs, because it’s appealing to the eye, I would click on a candidate and browse it, but I often ended up using the search so now, I tend to use the search box from the start and I like it better.
I believe the filter panel should be open from the start, and maybe the search box should be at the top of that panel instead of being at the top of the whole window. What do you think?

Personally I almost never use the individual assets store. It’s a pain to sort through and I never know what certain asset pack will have because I only have the name. The assets themselves are often in conflicting styles and I like having at least a semblance of proper art when I work on a project. For those reasons I like the list of packs because being able to see an overview of the pack helps me quickly find something I like and keeps the project looking consistent. My only issues with the pack browser are the lack of pack options and having to manually sort through paid and free assets.