Orbital game? Controlled rotation of the protagonist

I recently started using this engine and don’t understand a lot of things yet. So I decided to find out on the forum. I don’t know how to correctly name this genre of games … let it be an orbital game.
There is a character of the game. It moves in an orbit around a certain center.
The speed of the character can be changed with the mouse - to slow down or vice versa - to increase the speed.
This is the main mechanic.

And I could not create it.
I took the basic circular rotation tutorial and my project stopped there because I did not understand how to control the character.

Can you tell me how I can create the basic mechanics?

Open the “object gravity” example. The planet and the character both use the Physics 2 behavior which simulates gravity and handles all forces and collisions.
You can also pin objects to others in several ways, if you don’t need all the rules of physics. Search “rotate” or “pin” in the examples.

Define exactly what movements you want to allow and forbid and then pick the basics among the different options.

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Thank you! I will try this method.
Yesterday I was able to create the necessary mechanics using the example of a circular rotation.
I put acceleration on the left mouse button and brake on the right. But it seems to me that this is a very rough and wrong method, besides, I could not figure out how to create a normal scene start and end for it.

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