Order of events help. Trying to delete an object and replace

Hi hi :slight_smile: I am having problem trying to get my order of events to work properly :confused:

What I need is when the object ‘PlayerBullet’ is in collision with theobject ‘Answer’ a random ‘GStar’ object is picked and then replaced with ‘CopyOfGStar’ object. At the moment it deletes the GStar but doesn’t create a new object at its position before deletion. I’ve fiddled with it but can’t get it to work right. Any suggestions? :confused: :smiley:

You should do it:

You have to pick a random GStar first, then create the copy over it, if you don’t pick the star at first, GD doesn’t know what GStar you are talking about when you do Star.X(Centre); Star.Y(Centre) :slight_smile:
And finally delete the GStar, as you are doing.

Note that the AND condition is not needed, because all the conditions in the event are by default in a big invisible AND :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Turned out I also needed to add an layer position too. All good now.

I guess I just put the AND into everything now by default hahaa :smiley: