Orientation sensor IOS

Hi all,

How do i get the device sensor orientation to work in Ios? I read something about permissions. How can I implement this? Or does it only work if the game is in the app store?

To recreate :

Export ball orientation example game to iOS. And nothing happens.

Orientation sensors should work on iOS.
Have you tried that same example with a liluo build?

However, the wiki says:
I’m not sure if this applies to your case.

On android everything runs good.
The example game on liluo (ios), does also not work.

What do you mean with “calculate the value from the orientation data”?

I use DeviceSensors::OrientationGamma() * 20

You will need permission on Ios to use these sensors. Is this already implemented in Gdevelop? And if not how to implement this code [Solved] Sensor support IOS13+ stopped working - How do I…? - GDevelop Forum ?

Well, if you use orientation gamma, you’re already using orientation data.

Good finding :+1:
Check with the people from that topic, I’ve never done that.