Other programming methods

Currently we have two main methods of coding in GD: C++ and events. Maybe we could introduce third option for those who want something in between - as powerful as C++ and easy to use as events.

What I’m propose is to add some scripting language support, perhaps by extension.

My bet is on Lua - is one of the fastest scripting languages and is easily embeddable. Plus license allows to use in closed-source apps like GD. Lua API for GD would be same as C++ API, i.e. you can do same things like you can do using c++ in GD using Lua. And since Lua is easier than C++, it would be using more widely.

Ooh, I think Lua would be nice, I’m not really a c++ programmer but I’ve used lua a bit. I personally think Lua’s less confusing than C++, so I’d personally like to see Lua implemented.