Other ways to make player collide against a tile block aside from using Tiled?

Are there other ways aside from tiled? because I tried to use their colliders there but I just can’t get it to work for me, I’ve watched a couple of videos teaching me how to do it but it just wont work for me, I have been at this for about 2 hours now and my player still just passes through the designated tile with the collider and I’m reall reaaaaaaaaaaally frustrated now.

The only solution I can think of doing this is using a tiled sprite and placing it under my tilemap or turning its opacity to zero but that sounds just so much of a hassle but I’m willing to do it if I dont have any other choice, so are there other solutions other than tiled because I’ve completly given up on it for setting up collisions.

I say sorry in advance if I possibly didn’t understand completely what you are saying, but I would try to help you.

Check this my post about collisions, maybe it could help you: [SOLVED] Sprite still moving during separate objects in grid based movement

Anyway, using the “invisible tiles” is a trick that I use too, especially when trying to create a “flat” stage and adding collisions on it later.