Overlapping position-tank shooter game

Hi There. I hope you all happy and healthy. I am from Indonesia.

I getting started learning Gdevelop, following the tutorial “tank shooter game”.
But find something weird, all tank can overlapping positions with each other. Can anybody help me? sorry if my English not good. Below is the picture.

You didn’t give the link of the tutorial. Are they using pathfinding? In which case, Give them the pathfinding obstacle as well.

thank you for response. here is the link of the tutorial: Tank shooter - Beginner tutorial [GDevelop wiki]
. base on the content tutorial, there is no clue about using pathfinding. Okey, thank you for your suggestion,I’ll try using obstacle. If it work, I will confirm to you.

@Gruk. i’ve try your suggestion by using obstacle (also adding obstacle behavior on the tank enemy), but that way is not working. But Finally, I found the solution. that is by using Separate two object. look at this picture.

By the way, thank for view my post and your response.

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this is the code

“musuh” is my enemy tank name.