Overlaying Object

How do i make a last created object lay over the first created object?..eg like when you create random object, the first object always stays on top, so i would like to do the opposite. Thank you. please help…

Begin of the Scene:
Action: Add a counter variable like obj_var_z_order = 1

After you create an object add an action like

Set zOrder of yourObjectCreated = obj_var_z_order
Set obj_var_z_order +=1

This way obj_var_z_roder will increase every time you create an object and the last is going to be the most higher value on the zOrder.

click on game properties
there you find the newly added option to create objects with highest z-order

Oh sure, I forgot that.

Am using beta 500, i don’t see that feature. please help

see, I dont have that feature.

Beta 500 isn’t a version that exists. Do you mean Beta 50? If so that’s almost 2 years old.

The current beta is B105.

excuse!, I meant Beta 105.Thank you.

If you do not see the message Slash shows you then this option is active for you.
The message is only shown for older projects that havent make the transition.
It is an project option of transition between the old projects and the new ones.