OXOGO: A retro video game and also an armchair treasure hunt with a big prize

Hello everybody! We have just released a videogame that we have been working on for the last months and we wanted to present it to you here, so you can give us your opinion or ask us whatever you want.

OXOGO is an RPG with retro aesthetics, in the style of the 90’s handheld consoles. So far nothing very unique. However, it is at the same time a treasure hunt in the real world.

Trailer here: ᴏxᴏɢᴏ - Official Launch Trailer (Android, PC, Linux, macOS) - YouTube

Let me tell you more about it:

We have put in a compressed file the instructions for claiming a cash prize. But the file is encrypted with an AES-256 password. To discover it, you have to find the clues inside the game and be the first to solve the mystery.

The prize starts at 5000€, but the idea is that it will grow with the game’s profits.

Besides GDevelop, OXOGO is made on Linux, and 100% with libre software (you can see the complete list in the credits on the game over screen).

So, if nobody solves the prize within the given time limit, the prize will be donated entirely to free software initiatives.

You can play for free in the ad-supported version for Android and in “pay what you want” for Linux.

You also have the option to play offline and without ads on Android or buy one of the desktop versions for Windows and Mac on our itchio page. If you’re up for it, you can buy it now with the release discount. In addition, if we hit the goal we set there all money will go straight to the price.

Find more on our itchio page: https://oxogo.itch.io/oxogo
or you can visit oxogo.info for more information on the treasure hunt and download the encrypted file.