P2P Firestore - Where is my mistake?

I am creating room and join system with p2p combine with firestore. but when i try to join, it not move to next scene.
Here :

@arthuro555 Can u help me?

you try to connect to a json string. i cannot confirm that this doesnt work, but you should connect to a sting().
Replace your ToJSON() with VariableString()
if you write the id as a json to firestore (for whatever reason), what you want is to parse the variable to a proper variable with this event:
parsejson and then connect to that variable.

ok i’ll try
Thank you :smile:

you also dont need to use a timer.
you can store the result of your request to firestore in a variable. then you can use the “ok” of that variable to proceed, instead of a timer.

a timer might fail, if a user has very slow internet for example.