P2P help movement [SOLVED]

Hey, I followed an example, but I still can’t get it to work I want to do more in the future with it but for now I just want to get it working I essentially just replaced the example object with my object. I know this is kinda sleezy but I’m not doing anything commercial. I was wondering if somebody might be able to tell my why it fails to work.

This is all from an example from Arthuro555.

To me,

  1. That first event should be in a “At beginning of scene” event. Otherwise it’s getting run every frame

  2. Set the values of Player2Payload before you append it to the variable FulPayload

  3. Step through the repeat timer event and subevents. Does the order make sense? Why it there a repeat for each Player2, but no actions for it?

  4. The trigger event is called every 0.2 seconds. But the position tween (in the last event) runs for 0.3 seconds. That’s potential trouble because you’re creating a tween with name that already exists.

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Thank you that pretty much fixed it. i also forgot one of the players didn’t have tween. I also had to setup a variable to specify who was host. so it only sent the correct character for each.

You seem to be using events without understanding them. Those events look like they are made for handling an arbitrary number of instances of a single object, except your events code make it clear you only have a single instance of that player 2 object.

You could have done all of this just like this:

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That makes more sense and is much easier. Yes, my understanding is essentially none. I’ve never done P2P before. reading all of this helps a little. I will try changing it to something more similar to this. I really appreciate the help.

A way to view a P2P game is that, in a way, you’ve got 2 programs inside one application. One part of the game sends out signals, the other part receives signals and acts on them.

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