Pacman movement

Pac man seems to move in straight lines and end when hits the wall. when you move the joystick once he keeps moving until he hits a wall. I tried to recreate this in GDevelop and I’m getting no where. I tried add permanent force and the stop force functions. i used the move on x and y axis, but it does do what pacman does in the game. the player doesnt keep going until it hits a wall. any suggestions?

I’m using a 32x32 sprite as the player and 32x32 tiled collisions using the seperate objects function. could that be a problem?

Pacman doesn’t use forces to move.

There will be a variable set to remember which direction the joystick was moved. Every time the joystick is moved the vatiable is updated (as long as the new direction isn’t into a wall)

Then there would be an action to move pacman in that direction by changing it’s X or Y position by a set numebr of pixels.