"pairs": adding an additional pair

hi experts.
i am playing around with the pairs-project sample to learn the program.
“pairs” comes by default with 16 cards and 8 pairs.

now i tried to add one pair for testing which should bring 18 cards = 9 pairs. therefore i

  • copied and placed 2 additional placeholders into the scene
  • created 1 additional “card” + back (resized to the needed size)
  • gave this card an id
  • integrated the card into the card-group
  • added a pair of this card to the existing ones

starting the preview this happens:

  • only the old cards are shown
  • the added placeholders are shown (instead of the new pairs back)
  • in the event sheet the function “tween the cardgroup to x,y position …” does not affect
  • doubleclicking this action shows “tween not available” for this object (cards-group). even the function itself can not be chossen (in the original version you can).

by the way: adding a additional pair does work with the original cards and placeholders (duplicating,copy+paste)

what is wrong?

Problem solved.
I compared the scripts and found that some lines were deleted after adding a new pair!!??

can not delete this post, dont know why…