Panoramic Filter?

I’m replicating an AR game on computer, and I’d like to use a panoramic/360 image to simulate this, using filters to give the full 3d effect. This also lets me place objects in the scene without having to worry about how they may break the 3d effect. However, I have no idea how to create the filter. I’ve looked at the displacement layer effect and have tried that but the gradients I’ve used all create a weird, sharp effect when applied. Does anyone have any recourses for this kind of thing?

To get a VR effect, you need to have two sets of slightly different pictures.
But one of the limitations of (can’trememberwhichpartofGDevelop) is that it can only show one, which prevents us from having split screen, for instance. I think that for the same reason, you can’t have a proper VR effect.
I can only recommend to look for another engine better suited to 3D/VR.

But if you’re trying to make some fake Doom-like 3D, check out this thread: Pseudo 3D Examples - #24 by Mikhail_Pomaskin

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With AR, the app needs a live feed on which it superimposes it’s own images. I didn’t think GDevelop has an input camera option (yet?).

As Gruk recommended, you’d be better off looking at another games engine for now (Unity does VR & AR).

I know this topic is ages old, but I think I should have been more clear on my wording. I am not creating a real VR or AR game, or even a 3d one. I’m trying to fake it. What I was looking for was a way to create a fake 3D-like filter so I could make pre-rendered graphics with something like Blender, then add them to the scene.