Par-Chi-Z finished game available on and gamejolt

Hi everybody,

I just finished my game here.
This is thanks to all the help from the Gdevelop community!
I want to thank everyone from the forum and the makes of Gdevelop for making such an awesome application for me to start my gamedeveloping first game ever.

I really enjoyed making this game and thats thanks to Gdevelop!

Have fun and let me know what you think!


Cool ! Why tho

A friend suggested it to me. Why?

I find Gamejolt better but it’s my opinion and you already had it on it, and I wrote too many times why I find it better. See here: Debug console extension - #5 by arthuro555

Do you think i should take it off or does visibility increase having it on both.
I’m a person that does not use social media at all. So I will struggle getting the game played by people.

No, it’s better having it on both. It’s just from your post it seems you say you only make it on itch and not on Gamejolt

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Both links now. Thanks Arthuro!
Merci beaucoup mon ami!