Parabolic movement with Physics

If I have a dot that uses the Physics 2 Engine, and a target point, how do I calculate the initial X and Y of the movement. (Not sure if this’ll help, but imagine a fishing bobber trying to get into water, and the initial x and y needed to get there, as well as making a sick parabolic travel as well)

If you’re looking for the coordinates of the point of interest then you can save its Y value when it reaches a certain X coordinate, or vice versa. If you’re looking for the parabola’s quadratic equation, you can use an array store some of the points at certain intervals using the same method. Then plug those points into an online quadratic equation calculator (that uses points to generate the formula) to find the actual equation of the parabola. I’d recommend testing the equation in desmos after just to see if it’s accurate.

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What @weadsy1 wrote. An alternative would be to use trigonometry with sine and cosine functions.