Parallax Looping

I made a parallax background which is working but I could not make it loop by itself…
any suggestions?
Thanks in Advance…

Create a new layer called “background”. Place the parallax background on that layer. Make sure this layer stays in a fixed position. When done right, the background will be stationary, but with the parallax effect it will keep looping. The best advice would be to look at the platformer example if you want to see it in action. Good luck!

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my parallax is 3 separated layers…

That is fine, they can all be on the background layer but with different Z positions. Place them all on the background layer and play with the z order.

There is a really good example for parallax background:

The best is apparently to keep your layers, as you can see here:

if the are in the same layer the will not make the parallax effect. and i tries still didn’t loop

i have the same the parallax works but not looping

Okay, then this is your example:

You have the background image twice and if the first passed you set it again to the beginning (which is the end of the second sprite).


Thanks it helped a lot…

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You can also try to use offset X. (but I never in parallax effect )