Parse Song JSON data

I am new to G develop and i want to parse a JSON string to retrieve data about notes in a game.

The way these are formatted are as follows

i want to be able to retrieve the speicifc numbers inside the JSON and set it to a global variable.
Is this possible in Gdevelop?
ive tried using a “.” to get into the JSON data but that didnt work. such as “GlobalVariable(ParsedJSONdata).SectionNotes” but that didn’t work

any help would be apprciated ^^

Maybe this will shed some light:

I would recommend that you try with very simple files first.

Use the “Load JSON resource” extension

where can i find this extension? many thanks :slight_smile:

So far im stuck here, do i continue in a java code editor or can i make the same thing with the built in game events

I’ve installed the recource and i am on here, how to i pass the whole JSON to the extension?
do i paste the enitre JSON in here?