[Partially Solved] Possible Bug with the Collision using the Physics Engine


Maybe it’s not a bug but just an error on my part but I’ve done a simple project to replicate an error that I’ve found:


I’ve done a simple ball that hit a wall every second and two variable that count the hit in the wall and the number of times that the ball has been moved and they differ sometimes when should always be equal.

This is a video of a version where I hit a key to move the ball; you can see the result the number is stuck to 7 and doesn’t go down (some times the collision is not seen):

The strange thing it’s that if I change the “length” of the Impulse it change the time that the Collision isn’t seen (see the comment in the project).

P.S.: Using a Laptop I got that it was a problem of the hardware of my Desktop but I still don’t know what and why! Just for whoever could have the same problem.

Noone is answering… have I done something wrong in this report?

@Silver-Streak, you listed this 2 days ago. What does that mean?

It means I got trigger happy and accidentally clicked hide right after it got posted, so I unhid it immediately. :smile:

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Someone can tell me if it’s a bug and the Physics Engine doesn’t always see collisions or if I am doing something wrong?
Cause I think it would be a real bad bug. At least, for me! :man_shrugging:

It seems that I “fix” this problem if I use “apply a force with Angle” and set it to 0° (while before was set on the center of the Wall).
It’s really not intuitive but that’s that.

EDIT: No, it’s not fixed with that action!