Particle collision

Currently, I am making a top down shooter-based game. However I have encountered a problem where i need some advice. I need the bullets (particle object) to have collision with an enemy, this way i can continue actions to remove enemy health and etc. However the particles do NOT have a hitbox, is there a way i can make it so i can detect collisions with particles?

You could try creating object and add behavior ‘bullet’. When bullet collide with enemies destroy bullet and enemies.

The particles can be added later for example when explote the bullet for make the game more beautiful

I have tried doing that, did not work for me, as for particles added later, i would like to use particles because they are quite simple to edit and are VERY customizable, like very customizable image

I think creating a particle object for bullets is a bad idea, just create a sprite object for the bullet, then you will be able to do many things with it!

It might not be a good idea for bullets but maybe blood landing on the ground or something like that would be cool.


I was trying to do the same. To use particle emitters with a zero angle cone as bullets. And have multiple particles emitters as different guns, with various parameters.

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