Particle effects

What is the meaning of additional rendering in particles

As far as I understand it’s the colour value of the particles being added together. So basically it effects the color and shading. Try it out and see if there’s any noticeable difference in shading and color.

I still don’t quite understand. Do you have any links to related articles? If so, please send them to me

Here is a quick example for you

If you try with and without “additive rendering” you can see that the way the image is displayed is different.

With Additive ON - the image is immediately blended with the different background colors. Almost like a “hue” effect, according to the background.
With Additive OFF - the image is only blended with the background according to it’s opacity settings.

This effect?

Something like that… see the example above if you can download it

his seems to be it. Thank you very much for your help

I don’t quite understand what “friction on particles” really means. The official article said that it would affect the particle’s deceleration over time, but I didn’t seem to have it after I tested it. I don’t know if my test method is wrong. My test method is to increase the value of “friction force on particles”, but even if I set the value to a high value, there is no obvious change

I’m not sure about the friction on particles. As far as I know it’s supposed to affect the deceleration but I don’t see any noticeable difference with it either.