Particle emitter aura

Ok the context:
I have buttons, I wanna touch the button and apply 1 blast “to change the scene”, I use particle emitter and I try to make 1 Blast like this image (the arrows don’t care, just the blast!)

I try to make with this real-time example PixiParticlesEditor
At the moment i can do one circle Start little and in finale is Big (But the origin of the particle isn’t in center, are randomly… Maybe I can change in events the origin particle?)

is possible to make 1 single blast and that look similar to the image? What options i need change? Other options apart particle emitter you use or maybe work?

I wouldn’t bother using a particle emitter for this. You’d be better off just doing a regular old animation. When the button is pressed create an object and set its Center to the center of the button object and then play the animation of it expanding out. Particle emitter wouldn’t be practical for this kind of application.

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Ok, Apply Sprite maybe can solve the post, I gonna try both methods.

In CPU how many resources difference have 1 Sprite, to 1 Particle Emitter?
1 Sprite based exactly on the image that I have put, it occupies a maximum of 3Mb
BUT , 1 particle emitter, needs more resources or the same resources like Sprite??

Someome would have to run a test to see which one is more intesnsive. I would imagine a particle emmiter would take more computer power since it has to create several sprites as well as animating them based on math. An animated sprite is just changing a few png’s. Either way i wouldnt worry about performance unless you would be adding several of either one.

understood! in the Scene in concrete just i need 2 particle emitter or 1 Sprite!