Particle emitter vs Sprites

Hello, I have one question, but i need someone know about particle emitter

The Context is the next:
I have buttons, when the player touch one, this emit one “ring blast” (This ring pass all the screen!) When the player click the button just appears 1 ring blast!

The blast ring in final Sprite (Aprox)

I made a post about that, the result? 2 possibilities (Sprite or Particle emitter)

  • Sprite mode: To do this method I need 10 or 12 Sprites minimum about this ring blast
    the dimensions of the Sprites are 4.608 x 4.608
    In MB, the maximum are 3Mb (using all sprites).

  • Particle emitter mode: I do 2 particle emitter, one to Ring Blast, an second to other details
    The particle emitters can be used for every button in this scene
    Just 1 Sprite 4.608 x 4.608 or maybe i can convert to 2.304 x 2.304 (I don’t know i need try). With the options of particle emitter i can expand the ring and change easy the color.

The questions:
How many resources consum particle emitter unlike the sprite?
The Sprites have pixel limit?? (Solved)
12 Sprites consum minus resources unlike 2 particle emitter?

P.D 2.0 Silver-Streak sayed the next info

Why such a big ring?
Have you tried the Shape Painter?

Negativ, I don’t know what is that, can you explain what is “Shape Painter” or how can that help me in this case, please?

Don’t worry about resources consumption. You can’t create the game by yourself which will down the player’s PC. Just do it how you know.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a Wiki button where all the GDevelop features are explained. :+1:
The shape painter is a type of object used to draw shapes on the scene.