Particles emitters object behaves strange[SOLVED]

After several hours of tries and fails of getting one of the particles emitters object to work, i’m totally lost of why it behaves the way it does.
The other p.e objects i’ve created works great.
The one i’m struggling with is supposed to be activated/created when the object its attached to, is a certain pixels away from the player. It is working BUT when i try to play the game, the particle emmitters object is showing constantly in the top left corner???
When the p.e object event is taking place I can see the p.e object in the top left corner allmost dissapear while the event is activated but as soon as the event is over the p.e object in the top left corner is back again?
Does anyone have any idea of why im seeing the p.e object constantly on the game screen? Maybe it has something to do with the distance between object action? Any help is greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the problem is that you delete the object (CarrotThrow) and just in the next line you create an object (CarrotThrowVanish) at the position of the deleted (not existent) object.

yes exactly, deleting an object and then creating a new one in its old position does not work. what you could do is to hide it instead and deleting it afterwards

Thanks for the suggestions🙂
I tried to switch the different actions, to delete the “carrotthrow” after the p.e object was created. Still i get the hovering p.e object (think this is the "CarrotThrowVanish object )constantly showing in the top left corner of the game screen when i play the game. Could it be that it has something to do with the condition- “player” distance to “carrot throw”?
Or maybe the condition- “carrotshoot” timer is messing things up?

I am not sure if that’s the best solution, but I would store the position of CarrotThrow in a variable (actually 2 variables, e.g.: positionX and positionY), then you can delete Carrot Throw and create CarrotThrowVanish at the position of the variable.

Mhh I think it is the CarrotThrow.PointX and Y… try to change it to CarrotThrow.X() and Y instead to see what is happening and if it works, you should do something like Drona suggested, save its X and Y in a variable before, and subtract som to fit the perfect position

Have you changed the order of the create and delete in every occurrence? Do you have the points “Vanish” defined on the CarrotThrow object, including the capitalisation?

Could you provide a screenshot of your updated events? You can use Alt + PrtScn to get a screenshot of the active window, and then paste into this thread. Save you having to take a photo :slight_smile:

Got it working! Thanks for all the suggestions.
It actually turned out that by switching the objects places in the condition, …distance to … made everything work as it should. I tried all possible solutions but where totally blind not thinking about which object to place first in that condition.
Again, thanks for helping out :slightly_smiling_face::+1: