Passing global variables to extension functions

I want an option in the extensions function GUI to pass global variables. I created some systems based on global variables and i’m in need of manipulating those variables through custom made functions. I think it would be really neat if the engine GUI allowed that.


Hello Nestrion,

Thank you for your topic.
I see why you’d ask this. I encourage upcoming readers to participate in contributing to this conversation (looking for those users creating extensions, but not exclusively) so we can get more context on their usage. :slight_smile:

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Saving to storage are 1 action to save and 2 to load
Not a rocket science
Not complicated
BUT easy for any (especially new) user to make mistake by putting for example variable names in quotes (i seen it done many times)
Because name of storage and group are in quotes
Or inputting wrong group or storage names
So either it is rookie mistake or just simple oversight by users

So i decided to make Storage save load extension and i got it working
Ideally user would only need to input ONE name of global variable
And i could use that for naming exactly the same storage and group names to avoid saving/loading conflicts
(i could make advanced version where users can input different name for variable storage and group so there would be flexibility)
Yet because there is no way to select global variable in parameter
I was forced to create save slots and add in extension description how users need to name their global variable which hold their data for extension to even work
Which makes this extension kinda useless

Imagine someone came asking how to save their crap
And i could just point them to extension which only require them to input name of global variable they want to save data from
How much for many users would it be a simplification of saving process to storage

So i say from my perspective global variable in parameter should be possible
Not because of me but as OP proves i am not the only one that would benefit from it
And i hardly can see any reason not to have it there

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