PathFinding for a side scroller [solved]

How do i create a sprite that will follow the Player everywhere and for that i need a pathfinding but the pathfinding in the behavior list is not meant for a side scroller , is there a way to create a pathfinding for side scroller game

Not easily using the pathfinding behavior, no.

What I’d usually do is compare the player’s X position against the other object/monster/enemy/etc and then simulate pressing left/right for that object(giving it the platform character behavior with the default controls disabled).

If you are needing it to jump over platforms you will need to build out some more advanced logic, but it should be doable.

hey thanks never thought of it , i’ll make sure to try it

The “Animate Shadow Clones”-extension can be used for that.

wait that is a thing?

Here is a video by VictrisGames that shows how to use the extension and what it can do. Maybe it is useful for you.


Thanks i’ll make sure to see it

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