Pathfinding is jittery

Hey, i was making a vs. ai and my only condition is for it to move to a random spot near the player and it is supposed to act as a simple platformer character however when it has pathfinding it is very bouncy, inconsistent, and floats not like a platformer character.

I tried watching tutorials but still don’t quite get it.

The problem is that pathfinding searched for a path between 2 points. It’s doesn’t know about gravity, it doesn’t know about platformer behaviours. All it knows is here’s the starting point and there’s a target point it has to reach while avoiding the obstacles. Note, obstacles don’t have to be visible to work.

Here’s a previous thread that demonstrated what you want to achieve. The second to last post gives the brief explanation of how it’s done.

Ok, than you but i don’t think that will really work. That is slightly disappointing. Thank you though!


I think it will work. It will eliminate the floating, and can also get rid of the bouncing. It’s a bit of extra effort to get it working, but it will sort out the issues you explained.