Pathfinding is not working correctly

Hello, im making my first prototype. You can see it here: Prototype

Pathfinding stops working if you are touching walls, enemies just stand still at last position they saw you. They wont move untill you stop colliding with obstacles. I tried to change the pathfinding grid size, cost for impassable obstacles etc. But nothing helps. What causes this?


screenshots of your events might help.
as of now, i can only guess, that your walls have the pathfinding obstacle behavior, and the enemys move to players origin position. if you have a slight overlap from the player with walls, the enemy cant reach the position, because of the obstacle.
you can try to move the enemys to player.pointX(“Center”)/player.pointY(“Center”),
or make a hitboxobject that is larger then the player, and place the player around the playerhitbox. then you can check collusion with wall with the hitbox instead of the player.

Hi sir
Now the time is up i cant do sorry i can do on monday and the main reason the have completed the task everuything by noon itself so pls kindly update before 11 am i cn do as u say but the time is late so thinking about it pls once look it n kindly share me ur option on diz

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