Pathfinding issues


been using this software a long time but have run into an issue with path finding and need some help

problem 1: pathfinding over a big map seems that it makes the objects unable create or navigate there path they just stand still, any suggestions or fix? i did think of maybe setting a halfway point and they move there 1st then continue journey but not sure best way to do it.

problem 2: when many units/objects when selected try to make a path it freezes the game fro a few seconds while they all make a path, is there a way to make them all use the same path?

any help would be great

example video of lag and non moving issue will be added here shortly


An example project reproducing the issue would be better than videos. :slight_smile:


well to move a unit its simply this

image free hosting

but over a big map some units just wont make a path that far

and many units that are using this will cause the game to freeze for few seconds

so i have a selection box to grab multiple unints and then i click somwhere on the map for them to travel there but it will freeze up while they work out all there paths and then they move, or if the path distance is too far as in a big map they just dont move at all

so what im after kind of is like a way to create a path and drop nodes down along the path and units move from node to node instead of trying to go the whole distance in one go

any ideas?

How big is your map? And how many units are you trying to control?

map is like 5000px by 5000px so a reasonable stratergy game size taking into account building sizes ect. and units depends how many you make but even 7 units will make the game freeze a few seconds