Pathfinding object avoiding other object when not marked as pathfinding obsticle

i need help my player is click to move and the avoids an object that he can move through and is not marked as a pathfinding obsticle i just want the player to walk over it

May you post a capture of the object behavior. My first idea could be it is somehow marked as obstacle. Maybe not impassable, yet still with an higher cost than just avoid it.

sorry but i am planing to post this game to and maybe make it cost money so i dont want to show any gameplay yet even a screenshot

Oh, well if that is the case instead of sharing screenshot try to elaborate the questions at least with a drawn in paper and then upload that as screenshot, note that is hard for us to help you if we don’t know how your game is coded.

Plus is really hard to believe that anyone here try to steal your job, get used to if you’re going to request help, almost everyone here are going to need to see what you’re doing in your events.

As @UlisesFreitas wrote, it’s highly unlikely anyone will want to steal your game idea. We’re too busy with our own million-dollar idea to bother with someone else’s.

And unfortunately, the problem with you explaining something is you may :

  1. be overlooking something very obvious that another pair of eyes will pick up and
  2. not explain it well enough for us to get the correct picture of the problem.

But to your original post - is this the player walking around money problem? What happens if the money is directly in front of the player (i.e. the player is facing the money) and you click on the other side of the money to the player? Does the player still walk around it?

If so, check that the image used for your player sprite is facing to the right. Not the sprite itself, but the file you open up in paint or piksel.

Its not it getting stolen its just i just want the people to get hyped up for my game until i release it
i have a trailer for it and its litteraly a comic i made that inspired the game

yes he still walks around it like it is flagged as an opsticle

If you want people to get excited about it, you want as much publicity and teasers as possible. Keeping it from view won’t generate any interest.

And which way is the image facing - the one in the animation frames in the sprite editor, not what’s in the scene?

that makes sense i think i will make few teasers once i get done with making th basic mechanics of the game

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my player faces to the right

And your money object doesn’t have the pathfinding obstacle behaviour at all?

nopw sending drawing rn

yeah it doesnt have pathfinding

Try making the collision boxes of those sprites as small as possible and try again.

the object he is moving around is money he needs to collect if the collusion mask is small it would be hard to collect

Yes, I understand the issue. The only way I can replicate it is if the object has a pathfinding obstacle behaviour. Event unchecking Impassable Object makes no difference. If the behaviour is not on the obstacle, the player walks right over it.

In your scene, double click the money object on the scene and check that it doesn’t have pathfinding obstacle behaviour.

it does not have that behavoir

Can you try this:

  1. Create a new scene.

  2. Copy over just the player and the money object from your original scene (using the right click on the object in the object panel and use the copy).

  3. In the new scene, add the event that on mouse release the player moves to the mouse position using pathfinding.

So you should now have a new scene, with only 2 objects and 1 event. Nothing else.

Does the player still avoid the money when you click?