Pathfinding on tilemap. How can I make it work?

I’m trying to make tilemap world (bird’s-eye view) and zombies walking towards you, avoiding buildings etc.
First I tried to simply add Pathfindingobstacle behaviour to tilemap and manipulate hitboxes of tiles. Didn’t work.
Then I used colisions to stop zombie without obstacle behaviour. He jumped over obstacles, or just stopped.
Now only idea I have is putting invicible obstacle objects over tilemap. I don’t thing it’s good solution, so I decided to ask you, if you know better one.

So, do you?

you should propose a basic gdg example of what you have now, because i’m not sure on how you realised it ? But like this i don’t enough know pathfinding extension and tiles.

Ok. That’s what i’ve got. Zombie stops whenever you or he touch the tilemap. (105 KB)

Just realised I mede the topic in wrong place. Sorry