Pathfinding on tilemap. How can I make it work?

I’m trying to make tilemap world (bird’s-eye view) and zombies walking towards you, avoiding buildings etc.
First I tried to simply add Pathfindingobstacle behaviour to tilemap and manipulate hitboxes of tiles. Didn’t work.
Then I used colisions to stop zombie without obstacle behaviour. He jumped over obstacles, or just stopped.
Now only idea I have is putting invicible obstacle objects over tilemap. I don’t thing it’s good solution, so I decided to ask you, if you know better one.

So, do you?

(Reposted, because last time I used wrong place) (105 KB)

There is a problem with your file and the tileset : the object is void and it’s not not the scene ?

It seems to me the trouble is, regardless the collision settings of a tile, if you add the obstacle behavior to the tile map object, the whole thing becoming an obstacle for pathfinding regardless the collision settings of the individual tiles in the tile map object.

I don’t know if it better but what you can also try is to make the tile map objects you want to be obstacles separated objects instead of everything is part of the same tile map object.

So you have the ground tile map object with everything the player and zombie can just overlap and walk through, and have a wall tile map object, a house tile map object, a river tile map object…etc to be obstacles for the player and zombie.

Also, you have been using an event for the zombie to move it away from tile map on collision. It is not necessary if the zombie is using the pathfinding behavior, it should avoid all obstacles when moving.

The problem is that the pathfinding obstacle just use the “bounding” box of the object as the collision instead of the collision masks.