Does pathfinding not work if the target location is too close?
Because that seems like the case in my game.
If there is a limit, how many pixels is it?
Thanks, foreverip :confused:
Game Develop file here: … roject.gdg
EDIT: XP Found the problem. The pathfinding is only 8 direction. But how do I fix that?

Hmm. Could be my events because for the pathfinding example, there isn’t that problem. I’ll check.

Oh, by the way when I play the lazer and zombies example game develop crashes.

Which version of GD do you use ?

The newest.
I just updated today.

Try to update your graphics drivers, Lazer and Zombies use shaders and it may crash on some computers with old graphics driver. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I shouldn’t have posted the post about lazers and zombies.
I editted my post already and the main problem is in the edit.
Edit: Also, about the lazers and zombies, I am 100% sure that its not the shaders. I deleted the object zombies and the game works perfectly fine. But when I didn’t, game develop crashed.
Edit 2: So far I have an idea for a solution for my problem:
Have the zombies shoot a laser-like thing toward the player’s direction when it gets within 500 px radius of the player and when it is in 300 px radius of an obstacle. If the laser collides with the player, the zombie will go directly towards the player. If the laser collides with the obstacle, the zombie will go to the side (either left or right, randomized). If there are no obstacles within 300 px of the zombie and the player is in range, the zombie will go directly toward the player and not shoot the laser.
Also the laser will be invisible, of course.
The only problem is creating the laser :astonished:
Can anyone teach me how to do it?
And don’t tell me to check out the laser and zombies example, because I don’t really understand the idea of it.

Ok, I’ll check it :slight_smile:

By the way, what I mean by eight directions is that there are “blind spots”, meaning at some degrees the pathfinding can’t go there, making the zombie stop moving.
Edit: Maybe its because pathfinding uses grids.
Edit2: I have rotate on.
Edit3: I sure write a lot of edits!
Edit4: My head is starting to hurt… ughhhhhhh
Edit5: Still no replies? XP I’ll try to work it out tmr head hurts XP