Pause a game ? Sort of =p

Hi guys !

I am building and Escape Room game and use a specific hints system.
There is a hint button and when players click on it then click on some specific parts of the game, they can have hints about it.

Hint a basically a new windows, with a text on it and an exit button poping in front and middle of the scene.
I would like players to HAVE to click on the exit button before being able to do anything else on the game.
I am thinking about using the text objet, which is empty when the leave the hint and contains text when they click to get a hint.
But I definitelty dont want to add a condition (the text of hinttext = “”) to all my other events in the game !!!
Is there a way to do something like, while the text of hintext is different from “”, dont do anything else ? =p

Thanks a lot !

I don’t think so, but you could move all other events under a main event with the condition. And I think you don’t need a text object, a boolean varibale is much better.


you can invert the condition. Like if text = “hello_world” and invert it, and now it becomes if text =/= “hello_world”